The Authors

Hi! We’re Julie and Jason Buckley, an about-to-be 40 something couple from Nottingham in the UK.

We’ve been motorhoming in the UK and Europe for about 6 years, and are on our second motorhome, a Hymer B544 with about 160,000km on the clock. Our travels have so far taken from the north of Scotland to the Algerian border. For our current 18 month trip, we took the decision to leave our full time jobs, and to travel until our savings run out. It was the hardest decision of our lives, but after 7 months of travel, we don’t regret a thing.

Jason was a Programme Manager, running a multi-million pound project in an international innovation team for a major energy company, and Julie managed a similar budget, leading a team within the marketing department of the same pan-European company. Our income was high, and is now, well, low, just some cash from our house we let out in the UK. As they say in Morocco: ‘you Europeans have watches, we Moroccans have time’. Now Julie and I have no watches.

We don’t claim to be experts on Morocco, Islam, Africa, Motorhoming or pretty much anything. During our research we found lots of scaremongering about travelling to Morocco, but on our trip this didn’t bear out in reality. Of course we only spent a single month in Morocco, but we did travel extensively and did much of it alone. We loved it there.

We are travelling with our pet dog Charlie, a five year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, and took him with us to Africa on our month-long trip there. We publish a daily summary of our trip at, and we receive between 2000, and 8000 visits a month. We regularly receive comments on the site, which we love to read and to respond to.

Our time in Morocco changed us as people. Jason has travelled around the world previously, and has seen a degree of poverty in Thailand, Malaysia and Fiji. Taking a motorhome over to Africa was, however, an enlightening experience. We found ourselves quickly moving from a position of fear, to one of understanding and empathy with the people living in this country. We saw very few British motorhomes in Morocco, and we decided we wanted to encourage others from our homeland to travel there, helping their economy while also enjoying their company, enjoying the adventure and understanding the Islamic culture.

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Many thanks, and happy adventures. Julie and Jason