Get the Book!

Motorhome Morocco is an electronic book, priced at only £4.95 (less than the €10 ‘tip’ you may end up paying to get into the country without it!).

There are no postage or packaging charges as you download the book, rather than a physical book being sent out – so it’s also less weight in your motorhome. There is no digital protection on the PDF version of the book, so you can view it on as many of your own devices as you want to.

You can read Motorhome Morocco on either:

Your PC, Mac or Tablet (as an Adobe PDF) Your Kindle
To get the Adobe PDF version of the full Motorhome Morocco book, please simply use the button below and pay securely with PayPal. As soon as we receive confirmation from PayPal, we’ll email you the download link!
To get Motorhome Morocco for Kindle, please head over to using the link below:

  • The PDF is full colour, includes photographs and is 84 pages in total
  • As we are travelling most days, it may take us a few hours to send the email. Please allow 24 hours, and feel free to contact us at in case of any issues.
  • You can also view the PDF on a Kindle, using the free Calibre application
  • To read the PDF, you will need a PDF viewer. These are often installed on devices from new, or you can obtain them from or your tablet’s application store

  • If you buy the book through Amazon, it will download as a text-only version